A Federal Employee Pay Raise in 2014? Maybe.

Congressional watchers are seeing signs that may offer a glimmer of hope to federal employees wanting a pay raise in 2014. Talk is that it might even be higher than the 1% the White House has recommended.

The House Appropriations Committee is working on drafts of spending bills for the upcoming 2014 fiscal year. The drafts do not specifically include money to give federal employees a pay raise but they don’t rule it out. By this time last year, the House had already voted to continue the pay freeze through 2013 as part of a budget outline and as a freestanding bill, and the appropriations bills it drafted specifically denied any raise. So far this year there has been no separate bill regarding raises for 2014, the budget outline has no mention of a pay increase. The early appropriations bills are neutral, stating that if a raise is included, the cost would have to be absorbed out of each agency’s general funding accounts.

In January, the White House proposed a 1% raise for both federal and military personnel. A House Armed Services subcommittee has recommended increasing the military raise to 1.8%, the figure indicated by a labor cost index measure to which both military and federal employee raises are supposed to be linked. There will probably be calls for also increasing the federal employee raise to 1.8% in the name of pay parity. Until recently, that was the standard practice. In 2010 federal employees received a raise but military personnel received a larger one. In the past three years military personnel continued to receive raises while federal salary rates have been frozen.


  • Posted June 11, 2013 Steve B. 2:04 pm

    It would be about time because we still are not any where near the civilian sector as far as pay goes. furthermore with the last 4 years of pay freezes and furloughs coming I think the federal civilian employees have been bearing the brunt of cuts. How about the billions if not trillions of dollars going to Foreign Aid that we send out every year and to not so friendly countries of the United States its ok to weaking our military but strengthing some of our enemies does not make sense to me.

  • Posted June 25, 2013 Bret 12:43 pm

    @ Steve B. – Last time I checked working for the state is far less beneficial than the military these days. I would love an additional housing benefit on top of my base pay.

    I don’t blame you on the foreign aid remark – I don’t see how we can afford it when our nation is on a red-tape welfare system via support from CHINA.

  • Posted January 13, 2014 John Smith 8:37 am

    The so called, pay raised of one ( 1 % ) did not even the cover
    the inflation cost. There are too many Civilian federal
    government employee that live in poverty line.
    We proposed ” Pay raised of 1.2 % ” to cover the inflation
    cost and another .5 % by mid 2014. Total of 1.7 % for the
    year 2014..for civilian employee.
    Entry level job position in the US Federal government fall
    under poverty category, thus, we live in poverty line.
    Recommended : 1.7 or 1.8 % pay raised for the year 2014.
    Thank you, US Veterans assn.. Year 2014-15..

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