DoD Stands Against Another Round of Base Closings

The Pentagon has a new proposal for another round of base realignments and closings. These typically result in the loss or relocation of many thousands of civilian DoD employee jobs. The House Armed Services Committee has announced its plans to vote to reject the measure.

The DoD has said that if its proposal to form another “BRAC” commission is rejected again, it would look into other ways of shuttering facilities, estimating that it already has around 25 percent excess capacity. The new commission would not take effect until 2017 in any event.

The commission would require a series of detailed reports on past closings. Producing those reports would be a lengthy process, moving any potential future closings several years down the road. The DoD authorization measure otherwise carries only routine language affecting federal employees, including: a one-year extension of authorities to pay certain special benefits and allowances and to waive limits on premium pay for employees working in support of certain military operations; extensions of certain special hiring authorities in scientific and technical occupations; and inclusion of several more research facilities under the “reinvention laboratory” alternative personnel policies.

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