Federal Employee Travel: Reimbursement If Two or More Are Traveling In A POV

If two or more employees travel on the same trip in the same POV, mileage is payable to only one employee. No deduction will be made from that employee’s mileage allowance if other passengers contribute to defraying any expenses. Be aware that using a POV to transport other employees is strictly voluntary.

If an employee is authorized to use a POV instead of a taxi for round-trip travel between his or her residence and office on a day of travel requiring an overnight stay, the employee will be reimbursed on a mileage basis plus other allowable costs for round-trip travel on the beginning and/or ending of travel between the points involved, if determined advantageous to the Government.

As far as parking is concerned, if an employee parks his or her POV at a common carrier terminal while he or she is away from his or her official station, the agency may reimburse the parking fee as an allowable transportation expense not to exceed the cost of taxi fare to/from the terminal.

Finally, if an employee is authorized to use common carrier transportation and uses a POV instead, the employee will be reimbursed on a mileage basis, plus per diem, not to exceed the total constructive cost of the authorized method of common carrier transportation plus per diem. The agency must determine the constructive cost of transportation and per diem by common carrier.

If an employee is authorized to use a Government automobile and uses a privately owned automobile instead:

a. Reimbursement based on Government costs Unless the employee is committed to using a Government vehicle as provided in paragraph (b) below, his or her reimbursement will be limited to the cost that would be incurred for use of a Government automobile, which in CONUS is 28.5 cents per mile. If the agency determines the cost of providing a Government automobile would be higher because of unusual circumstances, it may allow reimbursement not to exceed the mileage rate for a privately owned automobile. In addition, the employee may be reimbursed other allowable expenses.

b. Partial reimbursement when the employee is committed to use a Government owned automobile When the employee is committed to use a Government automobile or would not ordinarily be authorized to use a privately owned automobile due to the availability of a Government automobile, but nevertheless requests to use a privately owned automobile, the employee will be reimbursed 12.5 cents per mile. This is the approximate cost of operating a Government automobile; fixed costs excluded. In addition, parking fees, bridge, road and tunnel fees are reimbursable.

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