Five Popular Online Degree Options to Boost Your Career

The challenges of many military spouses career paths or those of a transitioning service member or vet – are many and well-documented. From frequent moves and spousal deployments to perception issues, there’s a slew of challenges facing military spouses and servicemembers who long for fulfilling careers.

The ability to complete or obtain a degree online is one way to knock down barriers to advancement in fields like technology, business and health care and make military spouses careers more portable as well as breathe new life into a veterans second career. If you think you don’t have time or flexibility to take college coursework, think again.

Online degrees are becoming increasingly popular for adults, especially in fields that are traditionally popular in a brick-and-mortar setting. The subject matter and how you learn it is what makes an online degree popular.

Continue reading for an overview of five in-demand online degree programs and how they can give your career an edge.

Bachelors in Business Administration:

Why It’s Hot: Education Dynamics and Learning House’s recent study ranked business administration as the top online undergraduate degree program. Nearly one-third of all online students are studying business administration. Why?  Because people want to understand the intricacies and theories of successful business, channel their inner entrepreneur and help improve our straggling economy.

What You Could Study: Business administration majors usually study operations management, economics, accounting, marketing, and organizational dynamics or structure, according to the College Board.

What You Can Do With It:  A more appropriate question is what can’t you do with it? A wide variety of career paths open up in business and industry with a degree in business administration. Graduates can work in fields banking, finance, manufacturing, product development, human resources, and business analysis, all of which offer opportunities for advancement and professional development.


Bachelor’s Degree in Health Care Administration

Why It’s Popular:  Aging baby boomers have cultivated a strong demand for educated, skilled employees in the health care industry.

What You Could Study:  Students of Health Care Administration typically study a combination of health care policy and the economics of health care, as well as gaining a broad overview of overseeing health care facilities and their services.

What You Can Do With It: Entry-and mid-level jobs in this field can involve a specialized area like finance, staff relations, patient care services, planning, or human resources in a medical or health services provider. With a few years of working experience, you will be in a good position to serve in a leadership role for provider services like hospitals, physician group practices, or insurance companies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science

Why It’s Popular:Technology changes each day. Nearly every company needs someone who understands it, can create it, wrangle it, or help other people use it. Plus why study computer science offline?

What You Could Study: Computer science majors study programming, software design and theory, artificial intelligence and digital systems.

What You Can Do With It: Network and computer systems administrators, application developers and software developers usually have at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science.


Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice

Why It’s Popular: It’s human nature to be intrigued by the seedy underbelly of criminal activity. Plus, because human nature is not geographically limited, you could be taking classes with students from all over the world.

What You Could Study: Every aspect of crime, criminal behavior, the justice system, and the law. You could take courses in criminology, law enforcement, statistics and sociology.

What You Can Do With It:  A criminal justice degree holder could work at the local, state, or federal level in law enforcement, the corrections system, homeland security, or immigration.


Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing

Why It’s Popular: People already in nursing or the medical field with an associate’s degree and want to advance find the online degree a fantastic way to keep working while preparing to get ahead.

What You Could Study: Nursing majors learn to care for patients and also take classes like chemistry, pharmacology, nutrition, and psychology, according to the College Board.

What You Can Do With It:  You can work as a registered nurse, provided that you pass the National Council Licensure Exam first.

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