Four Ways to Show Gratitude this Thanksgiving (and year-round)

The Thanksgiving holiday brings out a bit of reflection in most of us. We examine the year we’ve had, our friendships and family relationships, our struggles and our accomplishments. At its core, the Thanksgiving holiday is about being appreciative for the gifts that others in our lives have given.

There’s no doubt some gifts are easier to spot than others.  But every relationship we have teaches us something  whether it’s a teacher who’s pushed us to achieve your potential, a spouse who’s encouraged us to give up an unhealthy habit, a child who’s taught us the importance of patience and perseverance, or a boss who’s rewarded us for our diligent work.

Each of these people, whether the experience itself has been enjoyable or frustrating, deserve our gratitude.  Here are four ways you can show thanks:

  1. Use Vintage Social Media.  A handwritten note to someone, one that uses correct spelling, grammar and punctuation to express thanks for a specific gift or kindness, is especially meaningful. Most people do not take the time to select stationary, articulate their thoughts, address an envelope, choose a stamp and physically place the note in the mailbox. Letters and cards are wonderful ways to communicate appreciation.
  2. Spend Time With Them.  If there’s someone special in your life  whether a professional mentor or a personal friend – and you want to make sure they know how much they mean to you, having a standing meeting for coffee, or walks, or visits is a profound way to give them your full attention and show your thanks.
  3. Make it Last.  If someone special to you is passionate about a particular topic, and you read a news article online about it, you can email them a link to that story.  This lets them know you a) noticed what interests them and b) thought of them. You can take it a step further and set up a Google Alert or a Bing Interest to email you with links about topics that your special person is interested in to make sure that you don’t miss anything.
  4. Say Thank You.  This may seem like an obvious statement, but think about the number of times you thank someone without following it immediately with good bye.  We hear thanks when we make a purchase and leave a store, and unfortunately, we don’t hear it much otherwise.  When someone does something kind  whether its by making you a sandwich, covering your shift, holding a door open, or completing a project on time  saying thank you to them can be a simple but powerful way to make a difference in their day, and express your appreciation.

What are some ways you have demonstrated gratitude toward someone in your life? How about some ways someone has shown gratitude toward you?  Tell us more in the comments below (and thank you for reading).

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