Government Credit Card Misuse Could Lead To Firing

“Disciplinary actions should include dismissal, as appropriate.”

Those words are part of a memo from the Office of Management and Budget just released, which spells out potential penalties that could be imposed on federal employees who misuse government credit cards under a law passed last year.

Penalties developed as part of the Government Charge Card Abuse Prevention Act were developed jointly by agency charge card management personnel and human resources components. The memo also stated that penalties “will include salary offset, for instances of personal liability, and disciplinary actions for a cardholder or approving official’s illegal, improper, or erroneous purchases made with a purchase card, convenience check, integrated card, or travel card.”

Agencies have until September 30 to provide OMB with an annual report certifying that safeguards for proper charge card use are being put in place. Agencies with more than $10 million in purchase card spending are required to submit semiannual reports that detail any violations, how they were addressed and any disciplinary actions taken against the employees involved.

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