How Is the Shutdown Affecting You?

We are wrapping up Day 3 of the federal government shutdown. Several pundits didn’t think a shutdown would happen, or that it would be over in 48 hours. Some are expecting a deal on Friday.

What we want to know is how it has affected you so far? Are you a furloughed employee or contractor? Do you have enough money put aside to deal with the loss of pay, even if it’s just for a few days?

Tell us in the comments, as well as your predictions for how or when the shutdown will end.



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  • Posted October 9, 2013 dave courtney 1:37 pm

    i’m a civilian government employee. i’ve followed the advice of generations of thrifty workers and have at least 6 months reserve to weather emergencies like this childish, digging in the heels, group of politicians – and ALL of the elected people are in this category – is foisting off on many. i’m neither democrat nor republican and am concerned that those elected officials’ agenda to pass something now in advance of the next election cycle, is the only reason for the recalcitrant attitude that i see coming from both parties. i am discouraged that grown people are unwilling to act responsibly and am shocked that this yearly “waiting for godot” attitude by people we elected to represent us is allowed, by us, to continue unabated. the people’s recourse – our vote – is irrelevant under these circumstances because there is no method of removing/replacing the neer-do-wells quickly and efficiently. i see a solution to this pitiful situation; however, those who have the power to enact legislation to provide for our relief do not have the incentive to do that; in fact, my solution is a dis-incentive to act because it forces those in office out of office with no possibility of re-admittance. serving in an elected office is a privilege. playing games with people’s income is not part of that privilege.

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