Hunting for a Federal Job After a Military Career

Effective transitioning from a military career to a federal job may entail complications, that is, if you are unaware of the requirements and how things are done. Compared to civilian jobs, federal jobs require a specific and more comprehensive resume. Hiring processes also vary in the federal government. It is necessary that you are properly guided before you venture into these.

Reinvent Your Resume. It is through your resume where you market yourself effectively. Focusing on your military and professional abilities and skills that benefits and contributes to your new federal office is your main goal. However, you have to draft your resume according to the federal offices format. A federal resume must provide more detailed information about you, your education, and your previous work than a civilian one. Information such as your security numbers, phone numbers and complete addresses are also required. Education details such as the name of your college or university, date of completion and grades obtained. The US government has standards for these resume formats so you need to comply.

If you are not sure on the format, it is advisable to seek an expert resume writer to help you create your new resume. Government departments like in the navy, the air force and the army are very particular about these job formats. Be careful when you fill them in. Any errors can strike you off from the list of applicants. Depending on the post you are applying for, sometimes you will go through sets of questions where your military skills, capabilities and knowledge are tested. Applicants who have exemplary technical knowledge and further professional qualifications are preferred over other candidates, especially if you are applying for a senior post entailing of at least ten years of work experience.

Higher or senior levels in the federal office oversee an entire unit, a department or even a division. Thus, when you opt to apply for any of those senior level positions, you need to put more emphasis on your qualifications and skills in organizing, leadership and technical know-how. Additional skills, a degree or professional knowledge puts you in a better position to be chosen.

Make sure that you use keywords in your federal resume prior to uploading it in the job market. Keywords are used for easier searching. Once uploaded to the internet, your federal resume will be stored and pooled electronically. It is in the same electronic manner that it will be pulled out once a job post matches your requirements.

In transitioning from a military career, you need to check and analyze the federal positions available. Match them with your profile, qualifications, background and skills. Study the job description and requirements, ask yourself if that posting is the best fit you and is it something you really want and can deliver exceptionally? Once these concerns are addressed, draft your application letter and send it with your updated (prescribed) federal resume. Consider the stiff competition among candidates for there are a lot of people who happen to be in search of these limited government jobs. Be very persistent and don’t lose heart. Do the same thing over again until your job search is successful and you land the perfect new job.

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