Job Hunt Resources: Marylands Mil2FedJobs Website

Many veterans trying to transition to the civilian work force don’t know where to begin. They know the military vocabulary very well, of course, and how their skill set fits in in the military context. But taking those skills and translating them into language that translates into a compelling statement of how their skills will benefit the employer is a tough challenge for many.

Fortunately, the State of Maryland has created a resource that may make the transition much easier.

Maryland is, of course, adjacent to Washington, D.C., as well as the Northern Virginia and Newport News areas, which are huge meccas for federal jobs. Veterans have an advantage when it comes to applying for these jobs, and the Federal government benefits from access to a pool of veteran applicants, who are already trained and proven performers on the job, and who have demonstrated that they can function within a large institution.

Marylands Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation partnered up with the Maryland Workforce Exchange and local federal hiring managers to create the Maryland Mil2FedJobs website.

However, you don’t have to be a Maryland resident to participate; The site is applicable to any transitioning veteran, anywhere in the country.

The Maryland site was created to solve a specific problem: Most other crosswalk websites only listed military specialties that had the most direct application to civilian positions. That left out the combat arms and certain other military specialties. But federal hiring managers were still trying to fill positions in logistics, security, operations, administration and many other fields that could be done just fine by veterans coming out of these specialties.

So Maryland, with funding from the U.S. Department of Labor, developed a site that listed every military occupational specialty in every service, and cross-indexed it with actual federal job categories.

The site also acts as a portal into, the online repository of available federal jobs.

In addition, the Maryland site also functions as a source of information about the federal civil service system in general, including the application and hiring process.

The site also features sections on translating the language on your resume into language federal recruiters can understand, as well as a variety of education, employment and training resources.

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