Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) Plus 10 Annuity under FERS

A Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) plus ten annuity under the Federal Employees Retirement System is a provision that allows you to retire with benefits beginning immediately if you have ten years of service and have reached the Minimum Retirement Age (at least 55). However, the annuity is reduced for each month you are under age 62. The reduction equals five percent per year (or 5/12 of one percent per month). To avoid the reduction, you can postpone payment. You can later apply for the benefit by writing to OPM or filing an Application for Deferred or Postponed Retirement, Form RI 92-19. You should submit the form two months before you want the benefit to begin.

The effects of postponing the Minimum Retirement Age (MRA) plus 10 annuity are the following:

1. The benefit is not reduced if it begins after your 60th birthday and you have at least 20 years of service or you reach the Minimum Retirement Age and have 30 years of service. Delay of the benefit can be used to avoid all or part of the reduction for retirement before age 62 that would otherwise have been applied.

2. Your life insurance enrollment will stop until the annuity begins. Once the annuity begins, the life insurance coverage you had when you stopped working will resume if you are eligible.

3. Your health benefits can be temporarily continued under the Temporary Continuation of Coverage for 18 months. You must pay the full cost of coverage, including both the employee and government shares, plus a two percent administrative charge. Your employer will collect the premiums and maintain this coverage.

4. When your payments begin, if you are otherwise eligible to continue coverage, you can again enroll in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) program and OPM will pay the government share of the premiums.

5. If you do not file an application before your death, the rights of your surviving family members would be protected because you would be considered a retiree.


  • Posted August 18, 2014 Jeffrey Giles 10:09 am

    I will be 66 when I retire with 41 yrs of service. I understand that I have a three part retirement, I am Fers, 1. TSP 2. Social Security 3. 1% of my salary times 41. Is this correct.

  • Posted August 22, 2014 shelia smith-shaw 12:14 pm

    i have 19 years of service as a government employee and i am 48 years old. i want to retire from at age 55 when i will have 25years of service . how soon would i be able to get information about my eligibility of retirment and what my money and numbers look like.

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