Petition Launched to Help Data Breach Victims

The personal information of at least 4.2 million current and former feds was compromised in the first data breach that hit an OPM personnel system. The agency is offering those affected individuals credit monitoring services and identity theft insurance for the next 18 months, free of charge.

How many people were impacted by a second breach on the governments security clearance database still isn’t clear and it has not been determined whether those people will also be offered the same type of identity protection. Speculation is that as many as 32 million people could be affected.

Many federal employees do not think the offer of 18 months of protection is enough. A recent petition posted to the White Houses We the People website asks the government to offer lifetime identity protection for current and former federal employees impacted by the cybersecurity breaches at the Office of Personnel Management.

In order for the White House to respond to the request, 100,000 signatures are needed by July 19, 2015.

The petition reads, in part, “Given the fact that many organizations that procure this type of data often don’t act on it for months while waiting for the free monitoring period to lapse, the federal employees who are victims of this attack will be vulnerable for many years and deserve more than 18 months of identity protection and monitoring. These federal employees should receive free identity protection and monitoring for life.”

Do you agree? Will you will signing the petition so that the White House will have to respond?

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