Prep Your Healthcare Coverage Before Retirement

Retirement planning takes a lot of work. It is often advised to have a plan starting 5 years from your expected retirement date. One area of concern is health coverage, but it doesn’t need to be one that worries you. It’s one of the easiest parts of your plan to prep.

If You Want to Continue Your Health Benefits Coverage…

If you meet all the requirements, you don’t need to do anything to have your same health benefits enrollment continue after your retirement.

If You Want to Cancel or Change Your Health Benefits Coverage…

If you don’t want to continue your health benefits enrollment upon your retirement, you must cancel it on the Health Benefits Election form (SF 2809) or other appropriate request. This must be your action; your employing office must not initiate the termination of your enrollment unless you aren’t eligible to continue it after your retirement.

When you cancel your FEHB enrollment as an annuitant, you will never be able to reenroll unless you had canceled it to enroll in a Medicare managed care plan or you had furnished proof of eligibility for Medicaid.

If you are a retiring employee and you submit a request to cancel or change your enrollment, but the cancellation or change can’t become effective until after the starting date of your annuity, your employing office will note on part H of your request the date it received the form, and will send all copies of your request to your retirement system with your other health benefits and retirement records.

Your retirement system will make the cancellation effective on the last day of the pay period in which your employing office received your request. If you requested an enrollment change, it will be made effective as indicated in “Opportunities to Enroll or Change Enrollment.” Even though you have requested a cancellation or change, your retirement system needs information on the enrollment in effect on the day of your retirement, since this enrollment may remain in effect during a part of your retirement.


For more information about retirement planning or your health care benefits, download the 2014 Federal Retirement Handbook or the 2014 Federal Health Benefits Handbook.

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