Reader Question: Is it too late to plan my retirement?

Q: I plan to retire 1 Nov 14. I am also a CSRS recipient and had one withdrawal that I never paid back. How can I ensure everything is correct in my particular situation and will be finished in time? When should I really start putting in papers–not too early or too late?


A: Those are all very good questions. Please download our 2013 Retirement Handbook. It will provide you more details than I can in one message.

In Chapter 5 of our handbook, we lay out a retirement plan that begins as far as 5 years out from retirement. That obviously won’t all apply to you, but you can start with the One Year before retiring, Six Months before, Two months before and so on.

That chapter also outlines various annuity estimates based on contributions and withdrawals you have made to the CSRS during your employment.

Good luck! Planning early is the key and you are asking all of the right questions now.

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