Republican suggests entitlement program cuts instead of defense cuts

In Republicans weekly address on Saturday, newly elected GOP Sen. Deb Fischer of Nebraska called for permanently turning off $500 billion in across-the-board Pentagon cuts set to be triggered March 1. A deficit-reduction package of $1.2 trillion passed by both chambers and signed by President Obama would void those defense cuts and an equal amount of domestic cuts.

In a preview of coming talks about voiding those defense and domestic cuts and over raising the nations borrowing limit, Fisher said Washington should instead cut domestic entitlement programs. Fischer said she supports a smaller federal government that focuses primarily on the things specifically mentioned as its responsibilities by the Constitution. The top one, she said, is defending the nation.

Fischer said programs like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are most to blame for the nations fiscal woes and massive debt not defense spending.

Last week, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said Obama wants to eliminate all the pending sequestration cuts. But Carney reiterated the president’s demand that a package to void them must include other federal cuts and new revenues. The latter has been called non-starter by even some moderate GOP senators.

Fischer said the defense cuts, first set in stone by the 2011 Budget Control Act, are slated to take effect because some in Washington have poor priorities.


  • Posted January 30, 2013 Steven Dobrosielski 3:27 pm

    As usual we have another misinformed Republican Senator/politition spouting inaccurate information.
    SS , Medicare and Medicade have their own revenue sources.
    Defence spending is paid for by income taxes, which until a month ago the Repubs wouldn’t allow to be increased.
    Some of the solutions are as follows: Oil companies need to stop being welfare receipiants and let go of the unneeded
    oil industry tax subsidies.That would provide additional revenue for defence.
    Defence spending can be reduced by at least $75B per year
    maybe more.
    SS , Medicare and Medicaid should be reformed as to benefits but not significantly. However the revenue can also be increased by raising the income “cutoff” from $110,000.00 to
    To blame entitlements and not understand that both spending cuts and revenue increases (reduced corporate welfare) are
    what is a fair solution to our problems is dishonest.
    The repubs seem to always want to harm the little guy while at the same time protect/coddle the rich.
    That is UnAmerican and Unchristian!

  • Posted January 30, 2013 john dowd 6:13 pm

    Sen. Fischer says that defense spending is not to blame for the nations fiscal woes – Are you kidding me? With 2 wars nearly wound down, we don’t need all that spending, nor the personnel levels. This country spends more on defense than the top 20 countries combined. COMBINED. This includes Russia and China. We need to wind down the military industrial complex that this country has become, then we will be financially better off and defended just as well.

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