Travel by Federal Employees with Special Needs

The federal Government’s policy for paying additional travel expenses incurred by an employee with a special need is to provide reasonable accommodations by paying for any additional travel expenses incurred. The agency will pay for additional travel expenses for employees with special needs when an additional travel expense is necessary to accommodate a special physical need which is either clearly visible and discernible, or substantiated in writing by a competent medical authority.

The additional travel expenses an agency may pay are:

1. Transportation and per diem expenses incurred by a family member or other attendant who must travel with the employee to make the trip possible;

2. Specialized transportation to, from, and/or at the TDY duty location;

3. Specialized services provided by a common carrier to accommodate the employees special need;

4. Costs for handling the employees baggage that are a direct result of the employees special need;

5. Renting and/or transporting a wheelchair; and

6. Premium-class accommodations and business-class accommodations when necessary to accommodate the employees special need.

7. Services of an attendant, when necessary, to accommodate your special need.

For more information about the rules and regulations federal employees must follow, download the free 2013 Federal Travel Handbook.

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  • Posted April 18, 2013 Carolyn 6:58 am

    Thank you for having this information out on email and followup information available also. I find these to be excellent resources. On the followup pages, can we get a print button on them, please?

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